Licensed, regulated pawnbrokers offer on-the-spot cash loans to consumers. Pawn loans are secured by tangible personal property goods. Bad credit? No credit? Banks won’t work with you? Pawn loans are a quick, easy, and confidential way to borrow money- with no credit check required. Pawn loans are collateral loans and do not impact your credit score. Pawn loans are non-recourse, meaning that failure to repay the loan doesn’t appear on your credit report.



Let’s say you need a loan, but for whatever reason, you don’t want to use a traditional financial institution. You can bring a piece of your personal property that has resale value to a pawn shop as collateral for a loan. In return for your personal property, pawnbrokers give you a cash loan based on the resale value of your item.

Pawn loans provide an alternative to traditional banks that works extremely well for many consumers. Low interest rates and lower loan amounts make it easy to pay pawn loans back. When customers pay back the loan, their merchandise is returned to them. Or, at the end of their loan period, customers may opt to renew their loan or forfeit their merchandise. If customers elect to forfeit their merchandise, the items that were put up as collateral are then sold at a value price to retail consumers. Pawn shops don’t report to credit agencies, so if you make a late payment, there’s no penalty.

Gold Diggers Pawn provides pawn loans on a wide variety of jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, tools, antiques, sports memorabilia, and more at both of our Joplin locations. 

If you bring your personal property for a pawn loan into one of our stores, we’ll negotiate a price with you based on the resale value of your item. Age, condition, demand, and several other factors are considered when evaluating your assets for a pawn loan. Your loan is due within 90 days, at which point you are given the option to renew the loan, pay it off, or forfeit your merchandise.

Pawnbrokers and pawn shops are subject to federal laws and regulations, as well as a number of state and local statutes. Pawnbroking is an industry that has seen a lot of changes over time. Today’s pawnbrokers are fair, law-abiding individuals who seek only to help people in financial need.

Please note that we cannot offer pawn loans or appraisals online or over the phone. You are welcome to bring your merchandise to one of our brick and mortar retail stores to be evaluated. We have locations on East and West 7th St. in Joplin to better serve you.